Reports surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers, are saying there are several black players on the team, that aren’t happy about the Steelers and the NFL trying to restrict the use of the “N” Word. These players feel as though the black players in the NFL should be allowed to use the term, and the white players shouldn’t be able to.

This comes out after the NFL said, they were considering a 15 yard penalty this season for anyone using the word. The black athletes in the NFL have been brought up using the term “Nigga” for most of their lives. You see they think if you change the spelling and pronounce it with the “a” on the end, then it should be acceptable.

If the black players continue to use the term, they could end up causing the Steelers to be penalized. It is going to be interesting of the Steelers as an organization can change the way their player think. After all, it has been a part of peoples culture for years.

How the NFL thinks making a rule against the use of a word is going to stop it, is beyond me. This is going to be a very interesting season, to say the least.

Steelers Ryan Clark had this to say about the rule, “I think it’s going to be really tough to legislate this rule, to find a way to penalize everyone who uses this word.”



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