Reports coming out of the DC area have head coach Mike Shanahan concerned about Ndamukong Suh taking a cheap shot at Robert Griffin III’s knee. Shanahan was heard saying that he needs to find a way to stop Suh from getting close to his quarterback.

Should his concerns be taken for real? Suh was just fine 100,00 dollars for making a bad hit on a player. Some think this caught his attention. RGIII could be in Suh’s sights but would he really try to take a cheap shot at him?

The guy has to be learning a lesson by now you would think. Shanahan intends to speak to the referees before the game and he plans on telling them they need to keep an eye on Suh, of the Lions let Suh take a cheap shot on RGIII, should the team be fined as an organization?

Detroit had to have sat Suh down and talked to him by now. If he tries to play dirty in this game, maybe the team should cut him. RGIII is going to have to keep one eye on his receivers and one eye on Suh.

Washington comes into the game at 0-2, you can count on RGIII looking to throw the ball early and often. The Redskins need to win this game. If they want a shot at post season play, they cannot afford to lose this game to go 0-3 on the season.

They can’t afford to have Suh pull a cheap shot on RGIII.




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