Golfer Tiger Woods is certainly enjoying himself with his new-found love Lindsey. Reportedly Woods got so drunk at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, that he wasn’t able to walk without falling down. According to a witness reports, Woods fell down while climbing a small stair case. Yes Woods fell going up the stairs.

Woods didn’t move from the spot until Vonn, who was reportedly. clenching her teeth and looking embarrassed, helped him up. How is that for someone who just had knee surgery? You would think it would be Vonn having problems going up and down stairs.

How long can we expect this love affair between the worlds best golfer and the world-class skier to continue. Woods completely embarrassed Vonn in public.  Woods who was at the Players Championship on Tuesday, didn’t talk about being drunk on Monday night at the Met.

When asked about the event Woods said, “It was certainly different.” He went on to say, “Lindsey wanted to try to grow her brand. She’s come out with a new perfume and makeup line, so that was a big thing for her and I’m supporting it. As you know, I’m not really big into fashion stuff.”

Gee, I wonder what they are going to call the new line? Maybe she could say, you can pick up a Tiger off the floor and your face won’t run in public.

Woods was Asked if there were more gala events and red carpets in his future. He responded by saying, “We’ll see,”  “Maybe I can just go in jeans and a T-shirt or something.” There was no mention of him needing help up off the floor by Vonn…..

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