Former Indians closer Chris Perez is getting a new start with the L.A. Dodgers. He signed a deal according to reports to make 2.3 million and could get 6 million with incentives.

Sources are reporting Perez could extend the contract to 8 million of he ascends into the closer role. Perez didn’t have a very good 2013 season with the Cleveland Indians.

He struggled after he was arrested for having marijuana delivered to his Cleveland area home with his dog’s name on the shipment. Now with the move to California coming for Perez and his wife and dog, you have to wonder if he filed the paper work to get his dog a medical marijuana license.

Perez took himself out of the closer role with the Indians when he went into manager Terry Francona’s office after he blew a save and told Francona he didn’t want to be in the closer role any longer.

The Indians at the time where trying to win out to make the play-offs and it seemed as though Perez couldn’t take the pressure.

Perez had some success in Cleveland. He made the all-star team and led the league in save one season. He had the right stuff until he ran into to trouble with the law.

Fans cut Perez no slack. He made comments calling out the fans for not coming out to the games. He is a very emotional vocal guy and he had trouble keeping his opinions to himself.

We wish Perez all the luck with his new team and hope he isn’t stupid enough to send pot through the mail anymore.

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