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September 19, 2012 – 12:00 am by Ryan Phillips

On his podcast on ESPN’s Grantland Network, Jalen Rose made a serious admission in a clip released on Tuesday.

In the audio clip Rose admits that as a member of the Indiana Pacers during the 2000 NBA Finals, he intentionally tried to injure Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. As Bryant went up for a jump shot, Rose stuck his foot under the Lakers’ superstar, in the hopes that he would land on it, turning an ankle, or worse.

Bryant did, in fact, land on Rose’s foot during the second quarter of Game 2 of that series. Bryant played just nine minutes in that game (which the Lakers won by seven), and missed Game 3, which the Pacers won 100-91.

Rose said the following in the clip:

“NBA Finals, 2000. Kobe. Bean. Bryant. Goes up for a jump shot on the right wing, I contest the jump shot, Kobe lands on my foot. He hobbles off, and he actually misses the next game.”

“Now, if it was up to me? If it was up to me? He should’ve just missed the whole series. I would have had a championship ring, and it’d be no harm, no foul.”

After badgering from his producer Dave Jacoby, Rose said the following:

“I can’t say that it was an accident.”

When Jacoby asks him how he has maintained a strong relationship with Bryant, Rose replied:

“He never knew I did it on purpose. But now he does.” 

As a former basketball player I can tell you, the foot trick on a jump shot is one of, if not the dirtiest play in the game. Essentially sticking your leg out so someone lands on it and is injured is just plain wrong.



Jalen, what do you mean that if it was up to you your infraction would amount to “NO HARM, NO FOUL“?


There WAS harm since Kobe only played nine minutes of Game 2 and then missed the next game ENTIRELY. Now if that isn’t harm then your Funk & Wagnall differs from mine considerably.


Also, injuring another player as a means of securing a championship ring or any lesser honor farces the accomplishment, doesn’t it? The conclusion I’d draw from behavior like that is that you didn’t have the skill or the brains to achieve your goal without resorting to underhanded (and in this instance, detrimental) tactics. Do you think your peers would respect you more, or less for doing that, Jalen?


Just because other players have done it, that doesn’t mean those actions should be emulated. That was a stupid remark and a stupid attempt from an otherwise intelligent individual, I’d say…


Santa Monica



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