The NFL  had the Baltimore Ravens games staffed with the regular NFL referees last night.  Even though the game was refereed by the NFL regular refs, there were still mistakes in the game. The Refs flagged  Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard  for a helmet to helmet hit on Browns tight end Benjamin Watson after a 13 yard reception from quarterback Brandon Weeden. The call was very questionable and it appeared to be bogus after looking at the reply several times. The Ravens got ripped and the Browns were hand a gift. There were other times in the game when the refs missed pass interference calls. One that comes to mind is when Cleveland’s Defensive Back Dimtri Patterson had his hand inside a Ravens receivers face mask when the pass was thrown.

I understand the NFL’s concern for the players being hit in the head with helmets, if you are going to hand out 15 yard penalties you need to get it right. There were a number of other calls that were missed throughout the game too. The Ravens should have had at least three more pass interference calls on the Cleveland Defense. Just goes to show you refereeing a game in the NFL is not easy. To make split second calls has a certain amount of human error that is always going to exist.

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