For a guy who has had reconstructive surgery to his knee, Robert Griffin III is doing remarkably well. RGIII is way ahead of schedule and has his sights set on returning to week one of the NFL 2013 season. RGIII is really turning some heads with the way he is handling his injury. He is taking it all in stride and he is going to come back better than ever he has said. Can you imagine an even better RGIII playing quarterback in the NFL?

The guy was great in his rookie season and took his redskins to the play offs on a bad knee. If Griffin III would have had his wheels in place in the play offs, he would have gotten his team to the second round of the play offs. The guy is just that goode, he is the kind of player that can elevate his game to the level he has to get to in order to win the game. It has been a while since the Redskins had a guy like that behind center. RGIII is going to do great things for the Redskins for years to come if he can stay healthy.

Nest season the Redskins should be able to make it to the play offs again if RGIII comes back the  way he is already promising. He is going to be something to watch.  I am really looking forward to seeing what he will do next.


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