I feel good, that is the tone coming out of Robert Griffin III these days. For the first time since injuring his knee, RGIII said he is finally 100% healthy. Imagine the timing of this statement, with only one week left in the preseason.

I still don’t think Shanahan is going to let RGIII put one foot on the field in a preseason game. Shanahan and RGIII have been going back and fourth this entire preseason about when he is going to let RGIII return behind center.

RGIII also said he is just as fast after his knee surgery, he went on to say that if he had to run the 40 today at a combine, in his underwear, he feels that he would post a 4.3 something..

I don’t doubt it a bit. RGIII is am amazing athlete. There aren’t many like him and he wants to help his team win football games. It is just a matter of time before we see his return to action in the Redskins backfield.

If he stays healthy during the 2013 season, I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads the Washington Redskins back into the NFL play-offs. He has the will to succeed and you can bet that Shanahan is going to try and protect his quarterback a little better this season.

How he is going to get RGIII to stop running so much is the key to protecting him.



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