Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin II got what he wants, well almost. He got to start the first regular season game for Washington, but he didn’t get the win and it could be because he didn’t play the kind of game he is capable of playing.

In the first half it looked like Griffin was holding back the style that makes him a winner. Of course all the dropped passed didn’t help the cause either. RGIII didn’t run all over the field the way we saw him do it last season.

RGIII was holding something back until the second half of the game. Then we started to see the RGIII that has already made him an NFL legend. He started to scramble to buy himself the time he need to avoid an Eagles pass rush that saw Griffin sacked 3 times.

He was throwing on the run and making things happen the way he did last season. When he is on the move he is more effective. He almost brought his team back to get a win and the Redskins defense did well to hold the Eagles scoreless in the 4th quarter to give RGIII a shot at a win.

RGIII made a couple of mistakes in the game by throwing 2 interceptions. That is  to be expected from a guy who didn’t see any presuppose playing time.  If RGII would have played the first half the way he played the second half, the Redskins would have won the game.

He has got to stop playing to avoid getting injured. Let him loose and he is unstoppable.

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