Is there anyone on the Washington Redskins Defense that is worth 8 million dollars a year? The defense ranked 30th in the NFL last season. The team just sent a clear message today with the release of DeAngelo Hall. They said we aren’t going to pay that kind of money anymore to a guy that can’t produce.

Hall had two years remaining on the six-year, $54 million deal he signed at the end of the 2008 season. Did he ever deserve such a lucrative deal? Sure he had 39 career picks in 133 games. What about all the blown coverage he had?

Ask yourself, where is hall going to go and make 8 million dollars to play the way he played last season? In the NFL you are only as good as your last season. Hall and the Redskins defense wasn’t very good as a whole last year. They have to play better this season to lighten the load on RGIII.

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  1. aprilwalker14

    WOW!! Little harsh don’t you think??!! You must’ve not watched the presser yesterday!! They didn’t wanta cut him! Who’s gonna replace him? He did a fine job on D Bryant! Twice!! We won division! Come on man!! HTTR

    • LG

      Not really. Did you see where the Skins D finished last year. Inexcusable to have a offense that played as well as they did and had a defense that bad…


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