The Cincinnati Reds could be the best team in all of baseball, that was until this week. The Reds should have been able to clinch the series against the San Fransisco Giants in last nights game. They didn’t and tonight they put a guy on the mound that may have had no business being there. Mike Leake did a horrible job for the Reds tonight, he left the door open for the Giants to take it in 5 and that is the last thing Dusty Baker needed to see. Baker already suffered a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago and watching Leake pitch tonight it is a wonder he didn’t have a recurrence.

Leake pitched for 4-1/3 innings and he gave up 6 hits and 5 runs. He only struck out 1 batter and gave up 2 home runs. If that wasn’t enough to give Baker a set-back Jose Arredondo tried to finish the job.  Arredondo  came in in relief and he gave up 3 hits and 3 more runs to the Giants who already showed the Reds they didn’t need any help in tying the series at 2.

The Reds have their backs against the wall now. They have to win the next game or it is time to store the equipment until next spring, and trust me when I tell you this, it will be one long winter for the players on the Cincinnati rooster. The Reds will be sending Mat Latos to the mound in game five. Latos has a record of 14-4 in the regular season with a 3.48 E.R.A.. If the Reds lose this game heads are going to roll in the Reds club house. There is no reason this series wasn’t won by now by the Reds.

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  1. david d.

    I TOTALLY agree! Baker GAVE game three away, and seems to sleep when the Reds pitchers get in trouble. Bochy has totally outmanaged him! Time for Baker and his winnless career as a manager in big games to go!


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