Its taken years for Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Brian Robiskie to come into his own in the N.F.L., could this be the year Robiskie breaks through? Brian Robiskie has always shown promise to become a great wide receiver in the N.F.L., the guy had a great High School and College career in Ohio. The main problem with Robiskie in the past has been his route running, he just never seemed to break through. Another problem was Robiskie was drafted to the Cleveland Browns, the Browns didn’t give Robiskie the chance to  become a stand out in Cleveland and when they let him go and he was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Robiskie’s N.F.L. career was reborn.

Finally the stand out from the Ohio State Buckeyes was on a team that could give Robiskie some of the respect his deserves to have in the N.F.L.. Last night as the Jaguars downed the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Robiskie  looked like he is coming into his own. Robiskie had 7 catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. He led all Jacksonville receivers in the teams first pre-season game. Sure it is pre-season, it doesn’t matter. If this is the Robiskie we are going to see in 2012, he will have his finest year as a pro.

Brian Robiskie can help the Jaguars win. We had a glimpse of his abilities to catch the ball and run last night. The Jaguars had to like what they saw with Brian Robiskie last night and the team should use Robiskie this season as a primary receiver. If they do, Robiskie will indeed have his best year in the N.F.L. Robiskie was used very little while he was with the Cleveland Browns, this means the guy hasn’t really been beat up. He is in good health and should be able to play in Jacksonville for years.

I for one think this will be Brian Robiskie’s year….

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