The people who make the point spread got in wrong today. The Baltimore Ravens just beat the New England Patriots 28-13 to give Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens a Super Bowl Berthe. Yes sir Ray Lewis is going to play in another Super Bowl before he rides away into the sunset of retirement from the NFL. It was almost as if Ray Lewis knew his Ravens would make it to the big show this season. He was not even considering anything else but retiring while he was on top. Just a few days ago he stated he would not reconsider retiring and after watching the Ravens defeat the New England Patriots, it is like he knew what the future held for his Ravens.

Lewis led the way defensively for his Ravens, he was in on 14 tackles including 6 solo tackles. Lewis doesn’t play like a guy who is ready to retire and with the Super Bowl coming his way, I don’t see him slowing down one bit until his hands are holding that Lombardi trophy once again. I don’t think the Ravens can be stopped. The Lewis effect has taken hold of this team and they are playing some great football. Congratulations to Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens on a tremendous season.


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