Ray Lewis guaranteed a Super Bowl win for his Ravens. Guess What they did it and now Ray Lewis will be leaving the game on top of the world. It wasn’t easy for the Ravens who came out firing on all cylinders. It looked as though Baltimore was going to run away with this game. Then the lights went out in the Super Dome and the momentum started to change. As fast as the lights went out the electricity went out on the Ravens. The 49ers started to gain control of the game and somehow Baltimore was able to hold on and come away with a victory.

It was the Ravens defense that came up big with close to 2 minutes remaining in the game the Ravens defense came up and stopped the 49ers from finding the end zone and stealing the win away from the Ravens. On 4th and goal the Ravens held their ground and were able to get the ball on turn overs.The 49ers forced Baltimore to punt from their end zone and the Ravens took a safety. Then they kicked the ball from their own 20 and the 49ers ran the clock out with the return and just like that the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl 47 and Ray Lewis can now walk away form the game as a world champion.


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