Ray Rice shouldn’t be expecting a warm welcome when he and his Ravens travel to Cleveland this weekend. He is accused of spitting on one of the Dawg Pound’s favorite players.  Rice should be aware of how the fans in Cleveland can treat a player from a visiting team that has upset them.

In game one of this AFC North divisional match up, you could see how upset Phil Taylor was after making a play on the Ravens running back. When Taylor got of the pile, he looked like he wanted to kill Rice. Taylor stands by his statement that Rice spit in his face when they were on the ground.

Phil Taylor hasn’t made these types of assertions in the past. He is a guy that seems to hold his temper while on the field.  That wasn’t the case on September 15. Rice had to do something to make this big man angry.

The fans in Cleveland aren’t going to let this incident slide, they will let Rice know he is in hostile territory and it won’t be easy for Rice to get through this game. He better be aware of flying objects and he could even be spit on if he gets to close to those angry Dawgs.



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  1. Josh

    who u kiddin’? The Dawg pound is more like a puppy pound! Rays’ goin to run all over Phil and the rest of those puppies. By how this sounds – I bet you are a Clev. beat writer. Ravens will soar, bank on it

    • LG

      For some reason I don’t think there will be any soaring on the Ravens behalf.

  2. nschively

    WORST. Not “expecting the worse,” expecting the WORST. Third paragraph – capitalization of the first word of a sentence. Jeez, it’s hard to take you seriously when you make such egregious errors – especially in the fracking headline.

    • LG

      Hey thanks sorry about that. was in a bit of a rush…


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