If Texas Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers was attacked by a group of men outside a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio last Thursday night, why would he refuse to file a police report. Cleveland Police are reporting that Scheppers was involved in  an altercation but refused to cooperate with them.

The Police said he wouldn’t file a police report and he wouldn’t tell them exactly what took place. It was clear that he was hit, but what wasn’t clear is why it happened. Could Scheppers have something to do with the provoking of the incident?

It appears that he didn’t want the facts to come out. Otherwise he would have cooperated with the authorities. Scheppers might have something to hide. He doesn’t want the incident to go public and we are left to wonder why.

Cleveland has had a lot of strange things happening over the past couple of years, but normally you don’t hear of athletes getting roughed up who are there to compete against a Cleveland team. There are a lot of unanswered questions about what took place last Thursday in Cleveland.

It doesn’t seem that any of those questions are going to be answered by Scheppers. That in itself make you wonder why. What is Scheppers trying to keep silent?

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