Sam Bradford was one of the last number one draft picks to receive a mega millions contract. Bradford signed a six-year worth $78 million with 50 million guaranteed. Bradford is lucky he got in before the new C.B.A. was agreed too. Is Bradford worth the money the Rams are paying him? The answer is NO! Bradford led the Rams to just two wins in 2011, in last nights preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys Bradford looked terrible.  Bradford completed just 6 of 17 passes and had 64 yards and took 2 sacks.

With numbers like this, Bradford isn’t worth the kind of money the Rams are paying him. Even though the Rams and Bradford went through a renegotiation this of-season he is still going to get his 12 million dollars this season. The Rams have to have a screw loose. Bradford really got a deal that pays him a ton of money even though he hasn’t shown he is worth it. The Rams are in for another terrible season by the looks of things.

Bradford will come out with more money in the bank than some guys that make the Super Bowl. What where the Rams thinking the day they put a deal like this on the table for Sam Bradford? If the Rams were smart they would have kept the number 2 draft pick they gave to the Redskins and would have taken RGIII for themselves. It just doesn’t look like Bradford has what it takes to take the Rams where they want to go. Meanwhile, Bradford’s bank account continues to grow….A deal like this will never happen again in the NFL……

Tell us what you think about the money the Rams are paying Bradford, just leave your comments below……


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  1. Rams_Sence_1956

    Your funny!!!! So a guy is playing with A bad overall team he is junk?? Let’s give him and Fisher a couple of years together… Keep in mind he had Spags for a head coach, and I use the term “Head Coach” loosely!!!! That guy couldn’t coach a PopWarner Team!!!!!
    So relax and ask yourself that question in two years!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you….for example…did anyone see our pass defenders (2) get juked by the receiver from Dallas…he just walked right through them making us look like something less than a high school team. We back off and let them make catches with 3 of our guys standing there watching…where did we get these guys? This is our first string? Don’t blame Braford for the team as a whole…I see passes dropped that should have been caught. Put a team behind in front of him..then see what he can do. Lay off…he is a good quarterback!!!

      • SamTheRam

        Look Our corners are gonna be badass this year. Cortland is as good of a shut down corner there is. And Jenkins will correct his mistakes against Dallas. His preseason has been superb until then. Gotta remember he’s a rookie. Also a healthy Bradly Fletcher and Jerome Murphy they are gonna be fine. The wuss tackling will be corrected as well…you don’t think they didn’t get ripped for that in the film room. Rams are on the rise yall are blind not to see this! A few more holes which should be filled after next years draft and free agency and we are a playoff team and by the time we get to L.A. we will be a top 5 team! Youngest team in NFL history only gonna get better. 6-10 this year 10-6 next…

  2. Zerkitty

    They handled the draft beautifully, renegotiated a carefully restructured contract with Bradford. If he does well his contract has gains, if he does not, becomes more trade worthy. Serves both sides well depending on his performance. In the mean time he’s at least already there and under contract for another year, more less expensive options will be available with 4 1st round picks the next 2 years. Trust me, if Bradford doesn’t produce, he won’t be a problem long, nor will he/his contract have hurt the rebuilding of this team.

    • Zerkitty

      apologies for a double post. You are correct, he’s not been worth the money paid.

      There is always the chance Bradford will get it together and lead the Rams to a SuperBowl, shrug. We have little to lose either way. Let’s not forget, Bradford played that game with 2 of the linemen new to the lineup in last two days (no #39 back there either).

  3. Grits

    Well at the time we needed a Quarterback very bad,so they paid what the going rate was for a #1 pick.Also at the time almost everyone said he was a can’t miss QB! He still have time to impress.

  4. Michael Billingslea

    Yes I agree Sam Bradford is a bust. He has no pocket awareness, and is limited in his ability to extend the play and avoid the pass rush. Also he is the victim of a terrible offensive line and is not a good long ball passer. I don’t see the Rams winning more than 1 or two games if any. We need a quarterback. Should have kept the @nd round pick and drafted RGIII, too late now.

  5. Zerkitty

    He can make the throws. He hasn’t felt comfortable predicting where defenders are going to be, because of prior mentioned poor pocket awareness and offensive line consistency. Let’s just trust for a bit the staff knew what they were doing keeping him. I’m a big critic of Bradfords, but I’ve been a bigger critic of what was done to him last year. I’m all for this being his last chance though.

  6. Anonymous

    Sam Bradford is a bust!!!!! But the rams organazation has alway been terrible in the draft… should of kept there second pick and took RGIII.. Maybe 1 or 2 wins. Bradford will be sacked more this season than any quaterback in the NFL….

  7. SamTheRam

    Come on man! What an unfair slam…the worst OL maybe in NFL history after the injuries last year not one worthy receiver to catch the damn ball an over complicated Mcdaniels offense he had to learn in a very short time none of this is good. When the OL actually gives Sam more than 3 seconds to throw the ball he is as accurate as they come. On the flip side Fisher doesn’t play around with softy line men hence the trade of Smith the broken Teddy bear, Sam will have men wanting to play Football and do their job which is protecting his ass they won’t fail Fisher are they will be out of a job. Bradford this year I predict 22 TDs 14 INTs. Next year with the same system the sky will be the limit.


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