The first mistake Jeff Fisher made was to bring all the attention to the things former NFL QB Bernie Kosar had to say about the Rams during the television broadcast last Thursday night. Koasr should be entitled to his opinions.

The last time I checked we were living in the United States of America, the land of free speech. Kosar should be entitled to his opinions whether Fisher likes them or not. Fisher has taken this thing way to far. He probably called the Browns front office and cried like a little girl about the things Kosar had to say about his team.

Now the Browns have taken action against Kosar and they made him call Fisher to offer an apology. Why? Why take things to this level. Kosar only stated an opinion and it was an honest opinion at that. It isn’t often when you hear a guy in the broadcast both tell you what he is thinking.

Kosar did just that. Fisher needs to learn to ignore people’s opinions if he doesn’t like them. It is no different than fans yelling from the stands that a team sucks. What is Fisher going to do about that? Can he silence everyone with an opinion he doesn’t like?

We all know that answer is no. Fisher needs to grow up and realize he is in the big leagues. Not everyone is going to have a favorable opinion of him or his St. Louis Rams. He needs to have a short memory and learn to let comments roll off his back.

To take things to the level Fisher has taken Kosar’s comments to is totally unacceptable. Free Speech exists in this country. If you can take it get out……



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  1. Kevin Hill

    You just lost me as a reader. Our forefathers never intended for free speech to mean “you can say whatever you want without consequences”. Kosar was unprofessional and unbecoming to the game of football with his comments. You can say anything to anyone as long as you say it the right way. So “crying like a girl” is not the same as a call for professionalism to announcing. This post let’s me know why I never knew about Yardbarker in the first place.

    • LG

      Good reply. It was his opinion. I think it has been drawn out way beyond what it should have been. This is only my opinion of course and not half as good as yours….

      • Luke

        Listen LG if BERNIE wants to make those sad kind of observations then He should be prepared for the backlash and if you quote freedom of speech as the reason for BERNIES action the Coach Fisher has the same rights. Why don’t you let this thing resolve itself instead of bringing it out and blowing it up over and over again

        • LG

          You’re right he does have the same rights.

  2. Anonymous

    Typical Fox sports article. The childish insults of Bernie Kosar go hand and hand with FOX! Lame article.

  3. Anonymous

    Fox news sucks!

  4. Jesse

    The issue is Kosar was as bad a quarterback as those Wide Receivers he was critisizing. If he knew football so well why was he so insignificant. Kosar sounded like a frustrated has been that never really did anything in the profession.

  5. paul escalera

    Bernie did not have to be so mean spirited about it. They dropped 3 passes in 2 series and all of a sudden there horrible? I dont think so! The browns dropped passes to and he wasn’t talkin mad shiznick about his defense though at least he praised sam bradford for his amazing accuracy and in the end was praising kellen Clemmons for his passes to(which shocked me).but they were nice passes to.u have to be accountable for what u say.i thought it was brutal and unnecessary. I dont think he should be fired.i didnt think howard cosel should have been fired either though.he just needs to not be so brutal about it next time.and bernie was a very good qb. And lg please dont defend talk like makes u look bad to. everyone has to be accountable. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech but you have face court of public scrutiny!


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