The National Football League should consider a moron of the year award. The 2013 recipient would have to be Tampa Bay Buccaneers D.E. Da’Quan Bowers. How can anyone living in the United States of America be stupid enough to take a gun to an airport? Especially an airport anywhere near the vicinity of New York City. This guy should get the award then he should be kicked out if the NFL for not having enough brain cells to understand he did something wrong.

This couldn’t have been his first trip to an airport, he had to know they would check things out. Not only is he stupid enough to carry a gun in his bag into the airport he is stupid enough to violate the New York Guns laws. New york has one of the strictest gun laws anywhere in the country. It is against the law for anyone to carry a gun in the city. i am not sure he wnet into the city with a gun but nonetheless he should have known better. Anyone who knows about the terror attack that took place in the United States on 9-11 should know you aren’t going to get away with a gun at an airport.

Roger Goodell has to be wondering how a guy like  Da’Quan Bowers has enough brains to play NFL football. I mean you do have to know what plays you’re running.



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