Quarterback Tim Tebow is done in New England, the Patriots have cut him, but he says he is still going to play professional football. Tebow had a semi good performance in his last preseason game with the Patriots.

The problem was, he didn’t show Belichick enough early on. Even with the team owner, Robert Kraft rooting for Tebow, the team didn’t see enough to keep him. Tebow went 6-11 for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Giants.

The problem with Tebow is, nobody gives him enough credit for playing the quarterback position. While he was with the Broncos, he took them to the play offs. Now Tebow is loose and he still wants to play football.

What teams could use a Tim Tebow? How about the Oakland Raiders, they have struggled to find a starter in Oakland for the last 3 seasons. They still can’t find a guy they can depend on. Tebow could turn this whole organization around. he could hold special services for the men in silver and black.

Tim Tebow should be able to find some team somewhere that needs him. Tebow is only 26 years old, he could bring fill a team’s quarterback needs for a long time if he stayed healthy. People don’t remember when he came off the bench in Denver the team was off to a 1-4 start and he got them to the play offs.

Tebow is a class guy, in a series of tweets after his release, he thanks, Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels for giving him the chance to be part of the Patriots. Tebow called the team a class organization.

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