When the Buffalo Bills cut Brian Moorman last week they did the guy a great favor. Standing on the east end of the Lake Erie snow machine in the middle of a Buffalo winter sucks. There isn’t to many places on earth that can get hammered with winter weather like Buffalo New York can. The Bills unknowingly made Brian Moorman 1,000 percent better, he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys and now gets his kicks off in a controlled setting when he is at home with the Cowboys.

In his first appearance in prime time on Monday night football with the Cowboys Moorman got the call to punt the football, he nailed a punt and the Cowboys were right there to down the ball inside the Bears 10 yard line. Going to Dallas from Buffalo has to feel like a vacation in tropics for Moorman, he no longer has to stand on the sidelines in Buffalo with the wind churning off of lake Eire in the winter time. I would say Moorman got the better of this deal.

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