Professional Golf, a sport where you penalize yourself. Golfer Blayne Barber, has been disqualified 3 times inside of 18 months. You would think after the first time he was DQ’d for a score card violation he would have learned.  But that wasn’t the case.

In his latest disqualification, Barber simply forgot to sign his score-card. He would have had a 3 shot lead in the 1st round of the  Brasil Champions on the Tour. If only he would have remembered to sign his score-card before leaving the scoring area.

He shot a 4 under round 67. But this game is so cruel at times, it doesn’t count and now Barber has the rest of the weekend off. The first of his 3 disqualifications came for signing an incorrect score card after applying  a penalty to himself for touching a loose impediment in a hazard.

This one really hurt his career, you see, Barber disqualified himself. This was after he advanced past the 1st round of the PGA Tour Q-School in 2012. If Barber didn’t DQ himself and he would have kept advancing at Q-School he could have played on the PGA tour if he made it through school.

Yes, golf can be a cruel sport. No other sport see players calling penalties on themselves. Lets hope Barber has learned to check his score card more carefully in the future. The lessons he is learning are becoming very costly.

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