We all know Mike Harmon never stole anything in his life. He told us so a couple of weeks ago after he was arrested and accused of stealing Jennifer Jo Cobb’s transporter. It looks like the police recovers some stolen cars out of Harmon’s garages.  Guess whose  stolen cars they found in two of Harmon’s garages? They could belong to Jennifer Jo Cobb.

According to reports the cars may indeed belong to Cobb. As the weeks go by this story keeps getting stranger. The guy who said he has never took in his life is now found to have stolen cars in his garage. Not one of his garages, but 2 of them contained stolen cars.

I would say we should all keep our eyes on Harmon’s twitter account, there has to be a good explanation coming across Harmon’s twitter account soon. These cars could have been planted in his garages or something like that. Do you remember what he said the last time he turned himself into the police?

“I’ve never stolen as much as a piece of bubble gum. To be arrested for a felony is ridiculous,”

All of this could be stemming  over rightful ownership of the trailer and other racing equipment from when Harmon and Cobb were partners. Never do breakups go smoothly. The more stuff they find the more of the story we will hear. As of now, I am signing off and going to watch Harmon’s twitter account.

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