By Larry GLicken

Written By,Clifford Santa Monica

Are you high??


The 74 games Cruz has appeared in this season is enough of a sample size for the coaching staff to make an informed decision about whether he deserves to be an everyday player or not. In my opinion he does. Historically, Donnie Ballgame doesn’t need (much of) an excuse before he platoons a player. But since Cruz keeps coming up with big hits and tight defense, why not leave the lineup as it is, except for installing Carl Crawford in the leadoff spot next year and trading Victorino for additional pitching and prospects?


I repeat, taking a solid, consistent player (Cruz) out of the lineup in order to accommodate a pig-headed, underachieving power hitter with a long swing (and a .259 batting average) doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. And I hope it sounds just as illogical and foolhardy to Don Mattingly next Springalthough I’m not holding my breath.



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