People who thought Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was nearing the end of his NFL career may want to think about what they are saying. In a recent statement from the quarterback he said, I feel younger than ever.

That’s because he had a procedure done on his knee during the off season that has left him feeling like a new man. When Big Ben feels younger than ever, that is bad news for the rest of the AFC North.  This guy is one tough football player and when his is feeling good, he can take it to his opponents.

This year Big Ben starting working out earlier than ever before and he is coming into camp in the best shape of his football career. That in itself shows how committed Roethlisberger is to bringing a winning season to the Steelers franchise.

With a committed Roethlisberger who is feeling younger than ever, the Steelers are going to be hard to stop. Roehtlisberger was hard to stop when he was in pain. Imagine a guy who is feeling younger than ever.

He is going to give the 3 other team’s in the AFC north fits this season. Roethlisberger is back and he has something to prove this season. Watch out AFC North, your troubles may just be beginning.

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  1. Kelly

    Good news!

  2. Jayden

    Good news!

  3. robert graff

    how you feel and how you play count most in mid december. go steelers


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