The Pittsburgh Steelers could be in for one dismal season. Fans are already questioning the offensive system Todd Haley is trying to use. One fan left a comment to an article I wrote a few days ago saying; Haley’s offense doesn’t match well with our personnel especially Ben. And despite what everyone thinks this team doesn’t have enough weapons.

He could be write. Last season Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t too excited about changing to a new offense.  The results weren’t too terrible in 2012, but it doesn’t look to be too successful this preseason. It is a good thing the results don’t count in the preseason.

If they did the Steelers would already be off to a losing season. Pittsburgh knew they were going to have problems coming into the 2013 season and they didn’t properly address their personnel issues to give Haley’s offense a second look this year.

Now that the regular season is quickly approaching the Steelers could be left on the side-lines scratching their heads once the play-offs start. How can Coach Tomlin turn things around before the season starts. Some fans aren’t putting much faith into him as a head coach either.

One fan wrote, I have written off the steelers already. Coach Tomlin inherited the team from Coach Cower and has not re-built it at all. He is a terrible coach…time to get rid of him.

As you can see things in the Steeler fan base are already starting to denigrate. If things don’t turn around quickly, it is going to be a hostile environment for the team this season.

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  1. Gene

    steelers suck – many too old and many too young and inexperienced. this will be a 7-9 season at best


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