The Chicago White Sox saw their starting pitcher perform perfection as Philip Humber pitched a perfect game today. The  White Sox watched as Humber struck out nine and he completed his perfect game. The Sox played pretty good defense today aiding their pitcher in the quest for perfection. In the first inning Humber got some help from his infield as Figgins grounded out to first, Ackley grounded out to second and believe it or not Suzuki lined out to short. It was as-though the Mariners were working their way around the infield.

Humber would strike out the Mariners in order in the second inning. In the third it would go like this, Saunders popped out to first, Olivo struck out swinging and Kawasaki fouled out to third. The White Sox would start to see a trend happening and you could see the confidence building in Humber’s performance.  The fourth would go as follows, Figgins flied out to left, Ackley lined out to right and Suzuki struck out swinging. The Mariners could see the perfect game was starting to take shape, this is baseball and four innings aren’t enough to think that way.

In the fifth the magic of a perfect game would continue.  Smoak popped out to shortstop, Seager flied out to center and Montero flied out to left. Half the game has passed and the perfect game was still intact. In the sixth inning Humber would continue to get the help he needed to keep his hit-less game going. Saunders flied out to center, Olivo popped out to second and Kawasaki bunt grounded out to Humber himself.

Wow, it was really happening, Humber was perfect through six. In the seventh things went like this, Figgins struck out swinging, Ackley popped out to shortstop and Suzuki grounded out to first. Through seven Humber had the perfect game going. Just 6 more batters and Humber would forever be in the record books.

In the 8th, Smoak struck out swinging,Seager flied out to left and Montero grounded out to second. Through eight Humber was perfect. Three more outs was all he needed to throw the no-hitter. Could you imagine the nerves that had to be going through Humbers body, he looked pretty cool as he comae out to start the ninth.

Three outs away from perfection the ninth went like this, Saunders struck out swinging, Jaso would come in to hit for M Olivo. Jaso would fly out to right field and now only one out away from a perfect game Humber would face Ryan who struck out swinging. What a day Huber had and what a way to end a perfect game with a strike out. Hey get your copy of the New “Tebow and The Jets Song” only .99 cents and free download….


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