5 times Phil Mickelson has finished 2nd in the US Open Championship. Mickelson has never won an US Open, this weekend the guy who turns 43-years-old on father’s day has a chance to play for the championship that has escaped him many times.

The Merion Golf Club is the site of the 113th US Open. Mickelson said this is the best set up he has ever seen in an US Open Championship. When asked about the course set up for the weekend, Phil said they need to do nothing to make this course harder for weekend play.

He said, they made the hard holes harder by extending the distance and the birdie holes aren’t giving the players anything wither. Mickelson is impressed with the set up at this years venue. Phil shot a 2 over round of 72 in his second round at Merion.

The fact that Phil was able to finish and doesn’t have to get up early to go out and finish this morning could be an advantage to Mickelson. Phil only made one birdie in his second round. It came on the 18th hole to get him back to 1 under par for the championship.

Phil made 3 bogies in his second round and he worked his butt off to get back to 1 under for the tournament. There are only 2 guys under par for this championship. Mickelson being one of them has a chance to make this fathers day special.

He needs to go out in his third round and take advantage of the 2 par 5’s at Merion. Those holes come early in the round at number 2 and number 4. Phil hasn’t been able to birdie those holes yet. He needs to place his drives on the fairway to enable a shot to the green. Mickelson has the distance to get there but hitting the fairways on the 2 par fives is a must for Mickelson this weekend.

If Phil can make birdie at lest on one of the par fives this weekend in both rounds, he will put an incredible amount of pressure on the rest of the field.  If he can’t find those elusive birdies, he is going to have a tough time finding the winners circle come Sunday.

As of now listening to what Mickelson has to say, it looks like the golf course is the best player in this years US Open.


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