Tiger Woods is one guy that seems glad not to have to travel to Sochi to watch girlfriend Lindsey Vonn compete in the winter games. Woods was asked a direct question about the security issues surrounding the winter Olympics after his 2nd round in the Dubai Desert Classic, and he refused to talk about security.

Woods was asked if he’s relieved that his girlfriend, downhill skier Lindsey Vonn, was missing the Olympics because of security concerns in Sochi.

Woods then said, he was glad that she was missing the games because of the situation in her knee. He went on to say, “It was very unstable. As she alluded to, it was unstable just walking so going 80 mph and having a hard turn, I don’t think that’s really the wisest thing to do.”

Tiger was hesitant to travel to Sochi to support Vonn many of you may recall. Now with him avoiding direct questions surrounding the games, you have to wonder if he had his own concerns when the topic of going to Sochi was first brought up by his girlfriend Vonn.

With Woods not answering the question about the security issue, I would have to conclude that he was less than thrilled with what the Russians were doing to secure the games. Lets hope all the athletes stay safe this month.



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