By Larry GLicken

This Sunday Peyton Manning gets a taste of facing a play off team. Some are wondering if this could be a preview of the up-coming Super Bowl. For the Broncos who brought Manning to the team and paid him a truck load of money, they are sure hoping so. The Broncos haven’t seen the Manning of old yet, listening to comments form Jim Harbaurgh you would think that Manning doesn’t exist these days. At a press conference, Harbaugh was questioned about Manning’s abilities. It was those questions Harbaugh really didn’t want to answer.

The fist question Harbaugh was asked is, how does Manning look this preseason compared to the Manning before the surgeries? Harbaugh responded by saying he doesn’t like to make comparisons.  Not the answer the press were looking for I’ll bet. Harbaugh was then asked if Manning was the same guy, he said yeah, past present and no comparisons. What exactly is Harbaugh saying? The way his answer to the second question could be taken is Manning is not the same guy as he was before undergoing the neck surgeries.

Manning is playing NFL football after missing 18 months of not playing NFL football. He has some ups and he has some downs, that is the Manning I seem to recall. Peyton Manning is the kind of quarterback that could drive his team down the field then throw an interception. Then he could always regroup and get back on the field and strike just when you thought he was down. Can Manning still pull it off? You can’t judge yet, he hasn’t had enough time on the field this preseason to see if he is the same Peyton Manning he was before the surgeries.

If Manning faces the 49ers for a considerable amount of time on Sunday when the Broncos take on the 49ers we should be able to close to saying whether Manning is back. For him to play a top ranked team like the 49ers, his adrenalin will be up. We all know what happens when his adrenalin goes up. At least we did before the surgeries…..


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