Peyton Manning’s NFL experience will help him get his Denver Broncos a win in the Super Bowl. Manning didn’t come this far to leave without getting his second ring. He will teach Seattle Seahawk quarterback a thing or two.

The Broncos offense will be UN-stoppable in this game. They played flawless in the AFC Championship game and the Denver defense played well enough to hand Tom Brady a loss.

The Seahawks have a great defense, but their offense won’t be able to keep up with Manning and the Broncos. The Broncos will score a lot of points and they will do it often.

Mannning won’t make the same kind of mistakes we saw Kaepernick make in the NFC Championship game. Manning won’t turn the ball over. He is one of the best there ever was and this is his year.

Manning is up for this game. This is his season and no one is going to stop him from reaching the goal of winning another Super Bowl. Peyton has traveled a long road to get here.

Now that he has arrived, he will prove he belongs. Manning is the best field general to ever step foot on the football field. He has forgotten more about NFL football than Wilson has learned in his short career.

The game won’t be as close as the odds makers are making it. Manning is going to destroy the Seattle defense. This game won’t be a 2-1/2 point spread.


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