Who’s really calling the shots in Denver while John Fox is recuperating from heart surgery? I have a feeling it is Peyton Manning who has to be wondering if Jack Del Rio was the right choice to name interim head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Manning has led this team all season and has one of the best quarterback ratings in the NFL this season. You can’t expect Manning to be too excited about Del Rio being named head coach while his defense has suffered this season.

Manning can’t do it all and he needs his Broncos defense to perform at the same level they played in the Redskins game. If they can do that it will be no problem for the Broncos to hand the Chiefs their first loss of the season, unless they lose before they face Denver. (We were talking about the chiefs being beat by the Bills here).

We all know that Del Rio has some head coaching experience in the NFL from his days of coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars. How did he do there?

He had a win-loss record of 73-63 (.537) and he fought hard to stay above .500. That isn’t good enough for a player like Peyton Manning and the 2013 Denver Broncos. Their season could be over early if Del Rio doesn’t produce better results than .500.

The Broncos have a real shot at a super bowl this season and you can bank on the fact, Manning isn’t going to let Del Rio call the shots on his offense.



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  1. Kyle

    So Peyton never actually said these things? What a waste of an article.

    • LG

      How do you get that out of the article?

      • Kyle

        Probably because the article is titled “Peyton Manning to Jack Del Rio; Keep your hands off of my offense” and has no sort of quote within said article directly from Peyton saying that


    “Whose” is the possessive form of “Who” and is not an acceptable contraction for “Who is.” Contact me if you are willing to pay for future proof reading.

    • LG

      Hey thanks a lot for your help…

  3. Bob

    This is a moronic article. “I have a feeling…..”. What?

  4. Jeff

    Uh, do these writers not know how to research? The Chiefs cannot lose before they play Denver because they have their bye week. LOL

    • LG

      They could have lost to Buffalo and the defense for the chiefs had a tough time stopping Tuel, How the hell are they going to stop Peyton Manning?

  5. Calvin

    I’m with Kyle. One, Manning is waaaaay to smart to ever say enything like that & two; who cares what your feeling is? My feeling is that you’re a weasel, but I’m “probably” wrong……..

    • Kyle

      Exactly! It’s an opinion piece. Nothing wrong with that, but it makes it sound like there’s an issue with Peyton and JDR.

  6. Al

    This seems like rampant speculation. Firstly, what his record was with the Jags has no relationship to what is happening with the Broncos. And, Manning could be just as well welcoming of Del Rio as he could be not. Who knows. Either way, I suspect that Manning will do as Manning does and Del Rio being head coach will make little difference to him.

  7. m coop

    How exactly can the Chiefs lose before the Denver game?

    • LG

      The article you are commenting on was written before the Chiefs played the Bills. They could have lost against the Bills that is what it means they could lose before the Denver game…..

      • Larry Loeffler

        Del Rio was named interim coach after the Bills game. There is absolutely nothing factual about this article.

        • LG

          You think so? Sources close to the team said Elway, Manning and Del Rio had a meeting about this and they think Manning is more than capable of running the offense and he needs no input from Del Rio offensively…..

  8. Billi

    To JDR; If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!

    • LG

      There you have it…..

  9. Ed

    The is no more sports journalism and this article is an exemplary example of that.

  10. Larry Loeffler

    This ios journalism at its worst. Speculation without any facts. Does he really get paid for this nonsense?

  11. MIKE

    man, you’re really search’n for something to write about today, aren’t you? First off, if you’ve listened to the news at all this last week, Jack is gonna let the OC and Manning deal with the offensive play calling – hell, that was mentioned days ago – so your news is not only LATE, you’re talking about something you haven’t researched – duh! ….and, THE CHIEFS have a bye this week – so, THERE IS NO CHANCE AT THEM LOSING before they play the Broncos…. Man, if you want to be a writer, you have to do RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH….

    • LG

      Man, when we were talking about the chiefs losing we were talking about them losing to the bills and they didn’t.

  12. LG

    Man I don’t know what you people are thinking but Even Del Rio has said he is going to have very little to do with the Broncos Offense. You think they didn’t have a meeting where they talked things out? Manning don’t want Del Rio touching his offense period…..


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