Who’s really calling the shots in Denver while John Fox is recuperating from heart surgery? I have a feeling it is Peyton Manning who has to be wondering if Jack Del Rio was the right choice to name interim head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Manning has led this team all season and has one of the best quarterback ratings in the NFL this season. You can’t expect Manning to be too excited about Del Rio being named head coach while his defense has suffered this season.

Manning can’t do it all and he needs his Broncos defense to perform at the same level they played in the Redskins game. If they can do that it will be no problem for the Broncos to hand the Chiefs their first loss of the season, unless they lose before they face Denver. (We were talking about the chiefs being beat by the Bills here).

We all know that Del Rio has some head coaching experience in the NFL from his days of coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars. How did he do there?

He had a win-loss record of 73-63 (.537) and he fought hard to stay above .500. That isn’t good enough for a player like Peyton Manning and the 2013 Denver Broncos. Their season could be over early if Del Rio doesn’t produce better results than .500.

The Broncos have a real shot at a super bowl this season and you can bank on the fact, Manning isn’t going to let Del Rio call the shots on his offense.



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