Which Peyton Manning is going to show up? The one that beat the Raiders 37-6 is the one that John Elway wants. Manning looked the 4 time NFL MVP as he completed 30 of the 38 passes he threw against the Oakland Raiders for 338 yards and 3 touchdowns. Manning finished the game with a 130.0 rating and he looked like the Peyton Manning the fans in Denver were hoping for when the Broncos sign him. Manning could do no wrong in this game.

Manning surgically dissected the Oakland defense, he threw 3 touchdown passes and mixed them up to three different Broncos. Manning hit Willis McGahee for one,Eric Decker for another touchdown and he would find Joel Dreessen for a touchdown pass. The big news in the game was the way the Broncos defense was able to hold the Raiders to just 6 points in the game. They would keep the pressure on Carson Palmer and sacked him three times.

If the Broncos can get this kind of performance out of their defense and Peyton Manning for the rest of this season they are going to be a force to deal with and that is just what the Denver Broncos fans and John Elway are hoping for…..



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  1. sportsbaron1

    Peyton finally looked like Peyton yesterday–just as I hinted he might when people were panicking after his underwhelming performance last week. But I wouldn’t get too giddy over the Broncos wiping up the carpet with an also-ran club like the Raiders. Oakland is a collective manure pile vying for the number one pick in next year’s draft…And if form holds they just may get it…

    Santa Monica


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