Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos earned their 3rd win of the season by beating the Oakland Raiders 37-21. It was easy for Manning to attack the Oakland defense if you can call it a defense. The Raiders really need to find a way to field a defense.

Manning made it look too easy, I understand that he is the best to play the game, but if the Raiders expect to win they have to find some defense. Manning took apart the Raiders secondary, he was able to throw for 3 touchdowns and he completed 32 of the 37 passes he threw.

Manning had 3 more touchdown passes in the game. He made it look easy and that is because it was easy to beat the Raiders. They aren’t a threat to anyone in the NFL. The Broncos out classed this group of players they call the Raiders.

Manning looked like he was practicing, they only sacked him once and they couldn’t stop the Broncos passing attack. The Broncos also ran the ball for 164 yards in the  game too. Ronnie Hillman had a 7.3 yard per carry average.

Montee Ball had a 5.5 yard per carry average in the game, can you imagine rushing the football this well against an NFL defense? This is hard to believe.

Along with the victory the man who Jim Irsay thought was washed up, had another record-setting performance, Peyton Manning set a new record for touchdowns passes in 3 games he has 12. The old record was held by Tom Brady with 11.

Peyton Manning is once again sitting on the top of the quarterback stats with 1143 yards of passing and he has not thrown an interception. Manning at 37-years-old could be having his best year ever. The guy keeps getting better and he looks to be having fun.

This could be the year of the Broncos, there is a lot of football left but these guys are playing some great football.



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