For those who thought Peyton Manning was finished as an NFL Quarterback, think again. The 36-year-old quarterback is the highest rated Q.B. in the NFL right now this season. Manning’s rating of 109.0 tops the list as he leads his Denver Broncos to some wins. Manning  has already passed for 2,113 yards this season and we are only half way through the year. Peyton Manning is finding his way back the elite status he has had since he started his NFL career. The Broncos have won 4 of the 7 games they played and they lead the AFC West.

When Elway went out and sign a 96 million dollar deal with Manning people thought he was nuts. It looks like Elway and his Broncos knew exactly what they were doing now. If Manning can continue to do what he has done with his Broncos team he will finish the season somewhere around 4800 yards passing this season, not too bad for a guy that was washed up. Irsay is probably choking every time he picks up the paper and sees a Peyton Manning stat.

The Broncos had a scare in the last game when Manning hurt his thumb on his throwing hand. The Denver Broncos offensive line has to protect their quarterback better, Manning is the gold at the end of the Broncos rainbow. The Broncos need his leadership abilities out their on the field if they plan on post season success this season.

Manning is showing the world why he was the leagues M.V.P. 4 times. The guy is unbelievable when it comes to NFL quarterbacks and he is still getting it done after 4 neck surgeries and at his age. It is good to see Manning is back…..


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