Peyton Manning took his Denver Broncos on a record-setting season this year. They also set a record for losing a Super Bowl. I’m sure this isn’t the way Manning and his head coach John Fox wanted their season to come to an end.

The Broncos looked anything but ready to play in Super Bowl 48. The game started out terrible when the Broncos center snapped the ball over Manning’s head to give the Seahawks a safety on the first play of the game.

Talk about setting the tone, this was the way things went for the Broncos throughout the entire football game. Lets face it, the Broncos head coach John Fox didn’t have his team ready to play.

He was out coached by Pete Carroll and it showed on every play. Manning never got the NFL’s number one offense going. He couldn’t sustain the drives that would control the pace of play and the Seahawks defense just took control of the game and forced the best quarterback to play in the NFL into making mistakes.

Manning threw 2 interceptions and those didn’t help the Broncos cause. Manning couldn’t get it done in the biggest game of the year.

He had a chance to get his second Super Bowl ring and he blew it. Manning lived up to his reputation of choking in the big games.

Never did I imagine this game being the blow out it was.  Everyone had this being a much closer game than what we saw. At 37-years-old, how many more chances is Peyton Manning going to have to win a Super Bowl?

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