Interesting enough the Broncos Ryan Clady is listed as the number 2 top free agent in the NFL. Clady did a great job protecting Peyton Manning’s blind side throughout the 2012 season. There are a multitude of teams that would love to had an O.T. like Clady and they are all probably willing to pay the guy top dollars to defect on the Broncos and come to their team. The offensive linemen go unnoticed in the NFL fi they do their jobs properly, the only time you hear their names called during a game if for a holding call or if they get beat by the defense.

Clady isn’t going to go through this off season unnoticed. Being listed as the number 2 free agent already has focused the spot light on him. The Broncos and John Elway have to sit down with Clady before other teams start to bid millions to gain his services. If they lose this guy to another NFL team they will be leaving their star quarterback open for a beating,and the Broncos can’t afford to see Manning go down by taking hits from his blind side. The guy won’t survive so they better find a way to resign Clady to keep him in Denver for the remainder of Manning’s contract. Otherwise they are going to have problems.


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