We all know Peyton Manning’s record in the play offs isn’t as good as it should be. Now that his Broncos have to face the San Diego Chargers in their play off game, Manning has to be concerned about his protection.

Manning took a beating by the Chargers defense in the last game. He had to have an MRI to see if the Chargers defense damage his lower legs and there were times during the game when it was questionable if Manning could continue.

This is the 3rd time Manning will face this pass rush this season. The Chargers are coming into Mile High with emotions running on full. The Broncos offensive line is going to have to protect Manning and keep him on his feet, if they are going to be successful against San Diego.

Manning cannot take the beating the Chargers issued the last time he faced them. He has to stay upright in order to get his offense moving. This is a big game for Manning to silence the non believers.

Many think Manning chokes in the big games. He needs to play well and he needs to stay healthy if the Broncos are going to move on in the NFL play offs this season.

Protecting Manning has to be job one in this game. You keep Manning on his feet and he has a chance to beat you. It is really that simple.

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