Peyton Manning can’t run both the offense and the defense,if he could the Broncos would still be undefeated this season. The Broncos defense better step up their game if they expect to stop RGIII and the Washington Redskins.

Von Miller needs to come ready to play in this game. The Redskins will be ready to play and RGIII is finally looking like the RGIII of old.

The Broncos defense has to play better than they did against Indianapolis. The team should have won that game and you could place the blame where it belongs, the Broncos defense didn’t play very well.

You can’t expect Manning to do it all. If he could run the defense the team would still be undefeated and he needs the defense to come to this game against the Redskins pumped up.

Stopping RGIII isn’t going to be easy. He knows what’s at stake in this game and he would enjoy beating Manning. If the Broncos don’t come away from this game with a victory it would be the second loss in 2 games against the NFL’s new young guns.

Manning deserves a better performance from the Broncos defense than he got during the last game. He needs some help to keep the Broncos opponents out of the end-zone.

We have seen the Broncos defense fail miserably twice already this season. They did it against Dallas and they did it against the Colts. If they do it against the Redskins the Broncos will lose.

The defense better come ready to play today…..

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