Peyton Manning and Arian Foster two of the NFL’s elite think Roger Goodell is off his rocker thinking he can get a better product in the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl is a pick up game, teams send the best of the best to play together in one game to highlight the best players in the NFL. If Goodell wants a better product then why not move the game until after the Super Bowl? This way the two teams that play in the Super Bowl can have their guys take part in the Pro Bowl too. After all the guys playing in the Super Bowl are part of the best two teams in the NFL for the regular season.

Goodell is dangerously close to ruining the NFL. The guy should be replaced, he has no clue sometimes and this is one of those times. Manning and Foster are participants in the Pro Bowl. These guys know what it take to put together a team that can go out and put on the best game possible. It takes time and effort, that is why NFL teams have training camps and they practice each week of the regular season. It takes time to get the timing of pass routes down. This is not a game where you can put a bunch of guys together and expect to see perfection.

For Goodell to make threats to end the Pro Bowl, it further demonstrates his lack of knowledge of the game. Goodell is in over his head. If Goodell was smart he would listen to what Foster and Manning have to say.


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