The Kansas City Chiefs play the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and that means Peyton Hillis returns to Browns stadium for the first time since leaving the team. It isn’t going to be a welcomed return for the former Browns running back. His former team mate all pro offensive lineman  Joe Thomas has slammed Hillis in the media yesterday, Thomas made comments that stated Hillis was toxic to the Cleveland Browns in his final year on the team. Thomas said Hillis didn’t want to be in Cleveland and the players didn’t want Hillis there either. It was a bad situation for the team and Hillis.

Now that Peyton Hillis the former Madden cover boy is returning to the city of Cleveland, the city that made the mad push to get Hillis on the Madden cover, the fans are probably going to treat him poorly. We all know that Browns fans are among the most passionate fans in the N.F.L.. These people can really add more pressure to former players returning to their former  teams facility. I don’t think Hillis is going to have a good homecoming. As a matter of fact he could be wearing some beer this weekend in Cleveland.

The Browns fans are sure to give Hillis a difficult time when he comes out on the field in Cleveland and the players could give Hillis a hard time once the game starts. It is going to be interesting to see how Peyton Hillis is treated when he returns to the city where he let the team down last season. I don’t expect it to go very smoothly.


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