The rumor is Peyton Hillis is causing a bit of a buzz at the Kansas City Chiefs training camp. Why? Hillis only had one good year in the N.F.L. and last season Hillis may have played sick, after that he claimed his hamstring was hurt for weeks. This was obviously because Hillis didn’t get the contract extension he wanted the Browns to offer him. Hillis made a huge mistake playing hard ball with the season he had. The Browns did put a decent contract on the table for Hilis before the season ever started and Hillis and his agent had big heads due to his appearance on the Madden Cover.

Hillis wouldn’t have ever appeared on the Cover of Madden is he didn’t get the popular vote. The Cleveland fans who are so hungry for a winner voted many times to get their boy on the cover. I really don’t think Hillis is going to have a great season in 2012. He proved last season he is too soft to be a major reason in the N.F.L.. The style of running Hillis has will get him beat up and injured in Kansas City. The only reason for Hillis being in K.C. is the head coach Romeo Crennel. He loved Hillis when Hillis was in Cleveland and he really thinks Hillis is something special. Crennel will find out this season what the coaches and fans found out last season in Cleveland.

Peyton Hillis is nothing special. He looks the part and people fall for the fact he could be the great white hope. The real story behind Hillis is he is soft. The Chiefs will find that out this season…..

Hey Be sure to tell us what kind of year you think Peyton Hillis is going to have, just leave your comments below……

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  1. joe

    I like a guy that plays hard, no matter what the contract deal is. I do hope he does well though, for the Chiefs sake.


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