With what Pete Carroll did this season in Seattle, there is no doubt that he should be the AP’s coach of the year. Carroll took the Seahawks to an 11-5 record and he did it by taking a chance on a third round unproven draft pick named Russell Wilson. Carroll did a fantastic job this season, his offense was thrilling and his defense was awesome.  The job he did getting these Seahawks to win and  win big was nothing short of remarkable. If Pete Carroll comes up short in the coach of the year vote tonight, it isn’t a reflection on him. It should be viewed as a reflection of the AP not knowing a great talent when they see it.

Lets face it, sometimes Carroll can rub people the wrong way. He should be judged strictly on the job he has done with his team and not his personality. The Seahawks head coach is very deserving of the coach of the year honor and he should be given it.


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