Some are saying that the Seattle Seahawks are the team that is hot this season, Why not? Pete Carroll has 9 wins with his Seahawks and he has already started to sling the mud going into Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh. Carroll has made comments about Harbaugh trying to get help for his 49ers from the N.F.L. Officials. Needless to say that isn’t going to sit well with Harbaugh. It doesn’t take much to get the 49ers head coach fired up and Pete Carroll may not want to get Harbaugh’s blood boiling before this game on Sunday. Both teams have got some good play out of their young quarterbacks, maybe Carroll should keep his mouth shut and let the game play out on the field. That wouldn’t be the Pete Carroll we have come to know though would it?

The Seahawks are going to have their hands full trying to stop the 49ers. Seattle may be a hot team now but the 49ers aren’t exactly cold. They are coming off a huge win over the Patriots and they are on a roll themselves. Carroll is going to have to have his Seahawks up for this game and with his mouth flapping I’m sure he is already doing his best to get Seattle fired up. The way I see this the game is either going to be a complete blow out, or it is going to be a defensive struggle. If Carroll can get his Seahawks to get to the 49ers Q.B. things could get interesting. I guess we are going to see soon enough just how hot Carroll has his Seahawks. This one could be an epic battle.




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