The thought is the new New York Jets general manager will either trade or release Tim Tebow. With the news comes rumors of Tebow having to change his position to continue playing in the NFL. What a bunch of hog wash that is. Tim Tebow won a Heisman trophy and a play off game for the Broncos playing quarterback in the NFL. The problem is nobody has given Tim Tebow the respect he deserves in the NFL, including his teammates on the New York Jets.

When your own teammates mock you in the media, it shows they are afraid of losing out in the spot light. Tebow has taken the spotlight where ever he goes. For players in the Big Apple, they need the spot light to focus on them. They forgot their job was to be teammates and to win football games first. They forgot that football is a team sport. Tim Tebow could fit into someones offense for sure. He could run the Kelly offense on Philadelphia given the chance.

When Tebow won the play off game for the Broncos he was throwing the ball better than he had  earlier in the season. Tebow is  big, he is fast and he has a decent amount of arm strength too.  Given the right opportunity Tim Tebow could still help an NFL team win. He just needs a coach that can believe in him. Tim Tebow shouldn’t be done playing quarterback in the NFL yet. It is premature to think that way where Tebow is concerned. A team just needs to have a little faith and give him the chance.


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