People aren’t taking the Indianapolis Colts  Q.B. Andrew Luck very seriously, 62 percent of the people voting on the N.F.L. Schedule page are picking the Bears to win the game Sunday. Luck is a cool customer, this guy has the poise of a seasoned Veteran already. Luck is the closest thing to a Peyton Manning the Colts could have. This guy doesn’t get shook up at all. If Luck makes a mistake he can come right back in the next series and pick the defense apart.

Sure this is his first regular season game in the N.F.L. and he is going to face a Bears pass rush with line-backers coming after him, he will use that to his benefit. Luck had a good preseason, he came out with a 89.3 rating. These are games where he didn’t compete in the whole game, once he has a chance to play the entire game I only expect his number to get better. When the Colts take on the Bears to open the season, people are going to be pleasantly surprised at how well Andrew Luck can adapt to different situations. His will to win will take the Colts to places they haven’t been in a while.

Look for Luck to have a big day this Sunday….

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  1. Rad

    I know its luck 1st game in the toughest game in sports. But i belive by week 10 the colts will be right there for a playoff spot. I know it sound carzy but stranger thing have happened in the nfl. GO COLTS.


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