Paul Pierce played one heck of a game against the Denver Nuggets. He and his Boston Celtics took on the red-hot Nuggets and made sure they didn’t reach a ten game winning streak. The Nuggets won 9 in a row until Pierce and his aging Celtics beat them with experience. Pierce scored 27 points for a Celtics team many thought were finished due to injuries. The Celtics saw guys like  Rondo and Sullinger go down with injuries and some fans that would be the end of the Celtics season.

Lets face it, injuries are a part of the NBA an guys like Pierce and Kevin Garnett have been through this stuff for years. They have experience and they are both Hall Of Fame caliber basketball players. When you go into the Garden you are going into the house of pain if you are the visiting team. Garnett and Pierce aren’t going to just let you come to their house and walk all over the Boston Celtics. These guys are going to battle you until they beat you if it is possible.

As long as the Celtics can put those 2 guys on the floor, there is always going to be a possibility for a win. Those two guys may be old, but there is no quit in their game. There won’t be until they decide to hang it up. The Celtics ended the Nuggets streak with a 118-114 win last night.

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