Can the Indiana Pacers make the trip to South Beach and win game 7? If Paul George, Roy Hibbert and George Hill play the same kind of basketball they played in-game 6, I say yes, they can win game 7 no matter where it is played at.

The Pacers completely dominated the second half of game 6. When the Heat tried to close in during the 3 period, the Pacers kicked it into another gear and continued to play kick butt basketball. Hibbert was brilliant in the game. So was Paul George.

The Pacers played something the Heat failed to do, they played team basketball and they showed the world what great teamwork could do. Hibbert scored 24 points and George scored 28. Hill provided some extra sparks by adding 16 points of his own.

The Pacers have to stay physical when they get to Miami for game 7. If they play the same game we saw in-game 6, they will beat the Heat at home and advance into the NBA finals for a shot at the ring this season.

If  Pacers stay focused, I don’t see them losing to Miami, the Pacers teamwork is second to none. These guys said they loved each other in the post game media coverage and it showed by how they played.

Now, they need to take that love to Miami and pour it on to the Heat. The Pacers can win game 7. Momentum is clearly on the Pacers side. The Heat looked stunned and they aren’t performing like a team that wants to repeat and NBA champions.

The Pacers need to take advantage of the fact they are a better team playing like a team that is beating a team with only one guy to stop. LeBron James cannot do this all by himself. The Pacers need to slow down James in-game 7, continue to do what they did to Bosh and Wade in-game 6 and they will win game 7.

Monday night when game 7 starts, be ready to see some of the best basketball you will see this season. The Pacers are on a mission and that mission part one will take place Monday night when they beat the Miami Heat to advance to the NBA Finals.


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