Zach Johnson is a major winner, in fact he won the Masters. Johnson is only one stroke off the lead at the Open Championship and no one is really talking about him or writing about Zach. Why? Johnson has the game that could win the Open Championship, he is the kind of golfer that avoids trouble, that is the kind of game that helps players win the Open. Johnson who won last week played a great first round at the Open.

Johnson only made two bogies in his first round, you take those away and he has a one stroke lead. The fact is Zach Johnson has the game to win this thing. If Zach can go out in his second round and avoid trouble he could put himself in a good place for the weekend. Johnson is a guy that can sneak up on you. The next thing you know the guy is right there, in contention. I would not be too quick to count out Zach Johnson. He could be in the right place at the right time, after all he did just win last week. Tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day for Johnson. We shall see how he holds up.


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  1. JD

    Very simple….its ALL about the Big Jerk TIGER!!!!!!! Tiger Tiger Tiger getting sick of him


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