The Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was pressured into submission against the Giants pass rush, Newton didn’t look like the Cam Newton the fans have come to know. Cam Newton only rushed for 6 yards on 6 attempts, if someone would have said Newton would average only one yard per rushing attempt, people would have thought  they needed a head examination. Cam Newton is a guy who could open up the Panthers passing game through his rushing ability. This wasn’t the case against the New York Giants.

Newton only completed 16 of the 30 passes he attempted, he threw 3 interceptions and was sacked 2 times. The Giants just overwhelmed Newton with pressure. Newton threw for 242 yards and didn’t have any touchdown passes. Cam Newton suffers when they rush five against him. The Panthers have got to do something to help him. The offensive line has to be able to help Newton if they want to have him for years to come. Even though he is in great shape he can’t continue to take beatings like this very long.

The Giants took control of Cam Newton and the results were ugly, the Giants beat the Panthers 36-7 and now the Panthers are off to a 1-2 start on the season. This game was one of those games where nothing seemed to be working for Newton. The Giants defense completely controlled the Panthers offense and Cam Newton. He couldn’t play the type of football he plays to do anything to overcome the Giants defense. The Panthers only had 60 yards running the football including the six yards Newton had.

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